Darrick Carter, Ph.D.



2002-present Corixa Corporation Seattle, WA

Group Leader

  • Led an Analytical Biochemistry group in Process Development.

2000- present Proteinchemist.comä Seattle, WA


  • Started proteinchemist.comä an E-business web site aimed sharing protein biochemical reactions, analytical and chromatographic methods.
  • Designed and maintained the web site.
  • Built dynamic content including 3D engines to display atomic coordinates, automated kinetic analysis, and a variety of primary sequence analysis programs using JAVA and PERL integrated in a DHTML setting.

2001-2002 Corixa Corporation Seattle, WA

Project Leader

  • Designated Project Leader to develop and lead a candidate TB vaccine through development to Phase I

2000-2001 Corixa Corporation Seattle, WA

Research Scientist II

  • Used mass spectrometry to identify up-regulated proteins in transformed cells
  • Lung and colon tumor proteomics combining biochemical techniques with LC tandem MS to discover differentially expressed proteins
  • Proteomics using P. acnes and N-terminal sequencing by Edman degradation to quickly identify and patent expressed genes
  • Developed a manufacturing process and process controls for GMP manufacture of a recombinant vaccine protein now in Phase 1 clinical trials
  • Assisted in Chemistry and Manufacturing Controls section of Investigational New Drug application and the development of Standard Operating Procedures for in-process and product release tests




1998-2000 Corixa Corporation Seattle, WA

Associate Research Scientist

  • Directed the purification of over 120 recombinant vaccine target proteins
  • Assisted in the proteomics identification of a novel Tb diagnostic marker
  • Purified native proteins from cancer cell lines
  • Identified a novel breast cancer marker
  • Molecular modeling of MHC molecules
  • GLP and pre-GMP process development for vaccine development

1997-1998 Oregon Health Sciences U. Portland, OR

Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Crystallized and characterized targeted mutants in recombinantly expressed parasite proteins
  • Purified new parasite drug target in the purine salvage pathway of T. gondii
  • Crystallized the novel drug target

1993-1997 Oregon Health Sciences U. Portland, OR

Graduate Student

  • Produced and purified multiple parasite proteins using recombinant and native sources.
  • Developed novel inhibitor leads for drug targets in the purine salvage pathway.
  • Kinetic and mechanistic characterization of parasite drug target enzymes
  • Assisted in determining the X-ray crystal structure of a parasite drug target
  • Taught classes in biochemistry for the "Biology of Parasitism" course in Woods Hole.

1990-1993 Oregon Health Sciences U. Portland, OR

Undergraduate Research Assistant

  • Developed purifications for active enzymes and nutrient peptides
  • Age dependent protein modification research using directed chemical modification of proteins and peptide polymerization




  • 1990 Award for Organic Chemistry of the German Chemical Society
  • 1990/1991 DeLoach Scholarship for Biochemistry
  • 1991/1992 Milton-Harris Scholarship for Biochemistry
  • 1992/1993 Milton-Harris Scholarship for Biochemistry
  • 1993 Summa cum laude B.S. in Biochemistry and Biophysics
  • 1993 Phi Kappa Phi Membership
  • 1994 Tartar Fellowship of the Medical Research Foundation
  • 1995 Award for Graphics / Graduate Research Forum
  • 1996 Award for Best Overall Presentation / Graduate Research Forum
  • 1996 Dr. Kenneth Warren Memorial Award / Woods Hole, MA
  • 1996 Congenital Heart Research Center Student Travel Award
  • 1997 NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship



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