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Membrane protein topology section

Membrane topologies We are building a section on membrane proteins; Right now the Singer classifications are being put up and we hope to follow through with purification and electrophoresis discussions. Go here for more

Dynamic Light Scattering, Kinetics, and Mass searching

Dynamic light scattering Another module was added discussing dynamic light scattering. Try it here. Also, the kinetics tool has been updated. Additional java code was added to support non-linear regression fitting for Michaelis-Menten kinetic data. Another bug in the reporting of the Km and vmax also has been fixed. Try it at this URL. Finally, here is a handy tool for looking for peptides of a certain mass within a given sequence. Just type in the mass you wish to look for, the range your are willing to accept, and paste your sequence into the sequence window. The Mass Search tool will print a list of peptides within your protein that can make up this molecular weight. Try the Mass Search Tool here.

Sequence Analysis

We have moved the protein analysis module to the front page - simply paste your sequence in the window on the right and click CALCULATE. Also, the Sequence Converter has been updated with streamlined code for better three-letter code recognition and conversion.

Proteinchemist is visited from around the world

World Map We are getting visitors from around the world. Thank you for coming by! Is your country not yet hi-lighted? E-mail us to let us know where you are from!.

Native Gels, and New Simulators

Thanks to a query we have added a section on non-denaturing gels . Also, for fun, try simulating Brownian motion by jiggling your mouse. This simulator acts like a dynamic light scattering autocorrelator and plots the autocorrelation function dependent on your mouse pointer. Click here to try! Or go to the new enzyme simulator and learn about how enzyme concentrations affect substrate conversion. This is the first of the soon-to-come complete, interactive, virtual kinetics lab! Try the first simulators here! You need Java enabled to use this and all applets on this site!

Chromatography section updated

Column Image Due to high demand on the chromatography section we are updating the descriptions. Ion exchange chromatography is the first discussion which has been improved. Also the CD-spectroscopy section is mentioned again here to due to complaints finding it. Thanks for everyone's feedback and keep the emails coming!!

Sequence comparison and formatting tools

A novel tool for the analysis of your protein sequence is ready. Click here and try the protein sequence relativizer. This tool will quickly determine the pI, the molecular weight, and the hydrophobicity of your protein and plot it on a graph for comparison to >100,000 proteins downloaded from the SWISSPROT database. Also, use the Sequence Converter to remove garbage characters from sequences you paste into the window and to change the format to three-letter code. Your browser needs to be Java enabled to run these features. Let us know what you think!

Protein Chemist's Tool Kit Page

A navigation page for useful analysis programs is now online. This page will collate the tools available through Proteinchemist.com. Click here to try the tools page. Also, we have just finished our new hydropathy plot and titration programs. These Java programs allow you to graph the hydropathy or the charge curve of your protein. Sequence format is flexible. Clicking the link to the hydropathy plotter or the titration generator will open a new window. Your browser needs to be Java enabled to run this feature. Let us know what you think!

Amino acid tutorial

Use our 3D engine to view the structures of amino acids. Learn about the structure of amino acids by viewing the pdb coordinate files saved in this module. Also, learn more about each residue type using the properties button. Try it here!